Pokemon Evolution: Spirit Breaker's anime and manga series features only 40 characters total, unlike its predecessor. The main plot focuses on a young man named Setsuro Hakanagi and his Pokespirit, Aura (a darkness-type monster) as they defeat many opponents and adversaries, also to the point of joining the Spirit Breaker Gang (a five-piece group who, with their Pokespirits join forces against their enemies at will). The character designs were made in the anime by Shinya Hasegawa and was licensed by Viz Media (the first Pokemon franchise to be not licensed by any 4Kids license). The anime's license was also provided by Shueisha, Bones, and Dentsu (which those three companies produced the anime).

Creation and Concept:Edit

Tite Kubo (known for his work of Bleach) calls the anime version, "a bit too horrid with genius animation and quirky sound effects", with the bottom line of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri calling the manga version, "an everlasting fury of simultaneous illustrations caught to the likes of demonic offerings, whatever that means!!". Altogether, Pokemon Evolution: Spirit Breaker's characters are portrayed as "Gothlike, quirky characters who deal with their own situations to be in check."

The Spirit Breaker Gang:Edit

Setsuro Hakanagi: the main protagonist of the series. He is a 15-year-old (currently 17) boy who believes in nothing but to avenge his family's death and the sake of his friends. For a more brief summary, refer back to the Setsuro Hakanagi character page. Setsuro's seiyuu in Japan is Koki Uchiyama, while Benjamin Diskin voices him in the english dub.

Aura (Pokespirit): He is the Darkness-powered monster and partner of Setsuro Hakanagi. He tends to act annoyed and only looks up to his partner and no one else (during the Hour of Oblivion arc, he lightens up a bit to other people). Refer to the Aura character page for more information. His seiyuu in Japan is provided by Jun Fukuyama, while Tony Oliver voices him in the english dub.

Kevin Gishiku: He is 14 years old (currently 16) and a member of the Spirit Breaker Gang. Both his first and last name suggest that he is half-American, and half-Japanese. He chooses the power of Lighting, meaning "to absorb ultimate power and use it for untold riches". Kevin is a good-natured, but strongly mature boy (much to the shock of Setsuro) who thinks that immaturity is just a "load of rubbish", just to convince immature people to become, in fact, mature. Though this is so, he is very good friends with Setsuro and the other members. His seiyuu in Japan is Yukari Kokobun, with his english dub voice provided by Tom Gibis.

Behemoth (Pokespirit): A Lighting-powered monster and partner of Kevin Gishiku. Unlike his partner, Behemoth is very outgoing and always acts very proud of his abilities, only to please his master, who is less than thrilled. He also tends to be very perverted, spying on women daily to get out of important work in the Spirit Breaker Gang's mission objectives. Everybody (save for Ashley, finds this extremely uncool and very inappropriate). Although from all of this, in battle, he has a personality change where he goes extremely mad with power and a very strong bloodthirst (which considers being a Lighting-powered monster). His seiyuu in Japan is Mamoru Miyano, while his english dub voice is performed by Kirk Thornton.

Ashley "Ashe" Lee: She is a 14-year-old (currently 17) girl with a very shy persona. She is American. Her chosen power is Water, meaning "to protect everything from harm and destruction, once and for all". Ashley was born with a very bad memory, in which she forgets important things clearly. Upon meeting Setsuro, her memories seem to be returning very quickly. At this point, she appears to have feelings for him throughout the series. She happens to be friends with everybody in the Gang, except for Amiriru. In battle, she is very calm and cool, often to the point of exploiting her enemy's weaknesses and strengths before battling them. Her seiyuu is Satomi Akesaka, while her english dub voice-over is done by Cristina Valenzuela.

Kuria (Pokespirit): He is a Water-powered monster, making him the partner of Ashley Lee. With the exception of Ashley, Kuria shares almost all of his partner's similarities. Although he seems to have only one similarity to Behemoth: being outgoing. He likes children and despises those who tend to upset Ashley, except those who never meant to upset her. Kuria has no intention of being separated from his timid partner. Kuria likes to often address people by using honorifics, even in the english version. Nothing else seems to be known about him, as he is a mystery to some characters. His seiyuu in Japan is Miyu Irino, when his dubbed voice is by Richard Epcar.

Kenda Teshito: He's a 15-year-old (currently 16) man with brilliant minds of balance ahead of everybody in his team. Kenda appears to be a prodigy of many suprises against his enemies, as to "expect the unexpected". Though the same age as Setsuro, Kenda acts a bit cocky and always is very headstrong. His power of choice is Earth, on which his purpose is to strike down the strong and help the weak. He works well and is close friends with the Gang, except for Amiriru, whom Kenda describes as a "grouchy-ruru" (in the dubbed version, this nickname is called 'Miss Meany"). Teshito's seiyuu is Choji Yashimoro, and his english voice is provided by Derek Stephen Prince.

Sparda (Pokespirit): She is an Earth-powered monster, being the chosen partner of Kenda Teshito. She is often depicted as a carefree, lazy idiot who wants only the need to party! Like Behemoth (Kevin's partner), Sparda is very outgoing and acts a bit nonchalant. Nonetheless, she is a very kind-hearted spirit that enjoys missions and the caring friendship with her master, Kenda (she frequently calls him "Onee-san", translated to big brother). Sparda's name is obviously a reference to a character either from the Devil May Cry series, or a mythological creature of the same name. Her seiyuu is Chiaki Omigawa, while Colleen O'Shaughnessey is Sparda's dubber.

Noah Amiriru: She is the fifth member of the Spirit-Breaker Gang (originally the first before Setsuro). According to Tajiri, Noah is half-Canadian, half-Japanese, and half-American. A 16-year-old (currently 18) woman who has a brash, repulsive attitude towards both her allies and enemies. As a child, Amiriru was a calm, playful prodigy who would always enjoy and think about the Pokespirit monsters and their responsibilities, frequently. At the age of 13, she formed the Spirit-Breaker Gang in high hopes of fulfilling her dreams. Her power of choice is fire, purpose meaning to "Avenge the forsaken and take back what is right". She is the oldest member of the Gang and takes full responsibility in most battles. Though quite unsensitive, she has a soft side, often caring for her possessions and other children. No member actually notices this, except for Setsuro. Noah is addressed mainly by her last name, but doesn't mind Setsuro or Aura calling her by the first name. Her seiyuu is Akeno Watanabe, and Laura Bailey voices her in the dub for the first 34 episodes, and later by Karen Strassman in episodes 35 and onward.

Ira (Pokespirit): He is the chosen partner for Noah Amiriru and is Fire-powered. Like his master, Ira is also a bit brash, but tends to be more convincing and can actually be of assist in some responsibilities. Seeing how he was supposed to be Wind, Ira chose to be Fire on unexpected terms, due to an original member (the person is unknown)'s Pokespirit had died five years ago. Nothing else has been heard about this monster. Ira's seiyuu is Kokuryu Sachi, while his english dub voice is provided by Vic Mignogna.